• Finding Myself

    Finding Myself

    The title of the photograph says it all really, I found myself during my recovery from Bulimia. I discovered not only who I was but also what I was capable of. The imprints of numerous journeys in the sand really illustrate the difficulty of recovery, be that through relapse, the development of a new relationship with food, or even the hardships of family members who wish they could do more. Walking into the sunset and along the shore line with my new self, illustrates walking towards two different forms of life supports. Every time I see this photo I am reminded of the struggle and torment I silently went through for so long, but also how the journey taught me so much about myself and how amazing life can be, no matter how i looked.

  • The Free Butterfly

    The Free Butterfly

    A butterfly is trapped in a cocoon, a dark lonely place, before it manages to push its way into the brightness of the world and is able to spread its wings. rnIn the middle of an eating disorder, you feel trapped and lonely. The world seems like a dark place but when you begin to fight against the eating disorder everything seems to gain colour and hope. The more you are able to find the strength, the more you are able to spread your wings and enjoy life and what it holds for you.

  • Climbing Towards the Past

    Climbing Towards the Past

    This picture depicts me as a happy primary school child pursuing my hobby. When I am recovered I will be the content, energetic person I was then and am made to be.rnrnOnwards and upwards- recovery happens by climbing up the cliff one foot at a time.rn

  • Don’t lose sight!

    Don’t lose sight!

    My photograph represents the things in my life which are keeping me going and keeping me going through the struggles I may face in life and regards to my eating disorder. Although I am recovered and have not been hospitalized since the age of 15 there are days that I need to pull myself together and remember all that I have got and what I don’t want to lose. My picture is of my college book, which I use in my Health Care course and hopefully looking to progress to higher, my ‘best sister’ teddy is from my little brothers, who are 2 of the most important people in my life, the coaster symbolises friendship in which I believe without friends we would be very lonely. Also I have placed a clock sending across the message that Life is short and time is precious. And finally I have just turned 18 so can now enjoy a legal drink in my lovely wine glass. All of these are only some of what keeps me going on a daily basis.

  • Rediscovering Life

    Rediscovering Life

    In recovery I have learnt alternative positive ways to cope with stress and strong emotions. The journal symbolises this. Writing down my thoughts and feelings helps me to put things in perspective and express myself in a healthy way.rnRecovery has enabled me to reconnect with old friends, make new friends and enjoy other peoples company.rnThe bubble bath symbolises caring for myself and is something I find relaxing. Recovery has enabled me to be kind to myself and learn how to look after my body.rnRecovery involves learning about yourself, discovering your likes and dislikes and finding your own unique identity. I enjoy going to Starbucks to read, relax and meet friends, therefore the Starbucks mug represents something that I have found that I like outside of my eating disorder.rnNurses watch; Recovery from my eating disorder has enabled me to go to university and fulfil my dream and ambition of becoming a paediatric nurse.rn

  • The Darker Side of Dieting

    The Darker Side of Dieting

    Today society is obsessed with obtaining the perfect body and there is pressure all around us to look perfect. We do all sorts of things to our bodies to look slim and beautiful but on the other side of the glamorous pictures of slim celebrities sometimes lies serious damage to the mental and physical health of the people in them. The mirror image in this picture shows a woman who is not the skinny size-zero we see in glossy magazines, perhaps showing that on the other side of fad diets lies failure rather than the desired result. But the woman in the picture is also curvaceous with a beautiful rounded figure, suggesting that perhaps instead of punishing out bodies we should forget fad diets and strict eating rules and accept the reflection we see in our mirror, and accept our bodies as they are – beautiful.

  • Peace at last

    Peace at last

    This is a photograph of the River Mersey, a river not far away from where I live. It’s absolutely beautiful to look at but also very cold to be near. The river always looks peaceful and being near it makes you forget everything else what’s been worrying you and just focus on picturing that moment, the smells, the views, and the sounds. When I was ill I wasn’t able to walk alongside the river because it was far too cold and required far too much energy from me. Now I’m full of energy, full of life and full of adventure. This photograph reminds me that without recovery I wouldn’t be able to enjoy such beauty. I now appreciate every moment of life.

  • Nature Inspired

    Nature Inspired

    It represents freedom from busy towns, cars, buildings and anything related to man made products or images and allows a glimpse that things that are natural are most beautiful and that’s what I hope eating disorder sufferers will hope to appreciate

  • Jumping Self Portrait

    Jumping Self Portrait

    Confidence and support is needed to face the light of day once more, face yourself and what all others say. As long as you are healthy , what you look like doesn’t matter.