• Opportunities


    My picture represents the outside life of an eating disorder. New doors are opening so you’re free as a butterfly and live a brighter more colourful life with new opportunities such as graduating.

  • Break the Chains

    Break the Chains

    Sometimes the “chains” of anorexia can hold you back but once they break you can reach out and grab your beautiful life.

  • My Rainbow

    My Rainbow

    My photograph is a piece of artwork which I produced myself. The rainbow represent recovery from an eating disorder: the sun and rain signifying the good and bad moments. As I am a keen musician who specializes in Scottish traditional music, the tartan musical notes show my personal interest in music. I combined the musical element with the rainbow as it shows that music is going to be a main focus of my recovery

  • Strength and Hope

    Strength and Hope

    The barbed wire and black twigs represent the struggle of the illness and the flower growing through and out shows determination, strength, motivation and finally relaxation and a future with the ones you love.

  • Facing the camera

    Facing the camera

    I had very little confidence, before and after my eating disorder, but recovery gave me more confidence. This is the fist full frontal photo of my face since I was P7!!

  • Skating towards recovery

    Skating towards recovery

    Iceskating is always something i have been so passionate about and when my eating disorder took over me I had to stop skating due to no energy. iceskating used to be my entire life and is slowly but surely becoming my home again. The ice rink is where I could go and forget about all my problems for a while, where I could feel good about myself and being a role model to the younger ones learning. Recovery is very important to me and i am very motivated and determined to beat it.

  • Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

    Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

    I wanted my photo to represent strength, confidence and independence, as well as involving an element of balance. Recovery to me means living a full and varied life, sharing it with those I love, and feeling able to cope with whatever comes along. It means standing on my own two feet, feeling like a valid member of society, and being true to myself and my personality. I took the title from the motto of Paris because it is an excellent phrase to illustrate life not being without its difficulties, but not having them overwhelm us.

  • Emerging from the shadow

    Emerging from the shadow

    For me, this photo captures the essence of recovery. After living in the “shadow” of an eating disorder for so long, this image signifies us taking those first invaluable steps on the road to recovery. The sun reflecting off the surrounding sand represents both the support of our loves ones guiding us through this turbulent time, as well as hope for the future and a life free from our eating disorder. We just have to keep on taking those baby steps and one day there’ll be no shadow left to walk in, just ourselves, the reas us, stronger and healthier than ever before. It also brings a favourite quote of mine to mind: “Whenever you feel like giving up on recovery, remember how far you’ve already come”

  • Break through the frosty barriers

    Break through the frosty barriers

    My photograph represents recovery from eating disorders for me because eating disorders feel like barriers that prevent you from doing things, moving on and, in general, just living live to the fullest. Recovery means breaking through these barriers, moving past them and heading for a full life towards the sun on the horizon.