• Recovery.


    This image represents recovery for me, because I was not only able to attend a tea party, but hosted one, and enjoyed myself with my friends whilst being able to eat whatever, and as much, as I wanted, without feeling guilty.

  • Opportunities


    To have something to smile about, to be able to appreciate the selfless world and to live free from the demons that once blighted my life.

  • Freedom


    As soon as I heard about this competition I knew in my mind what my photograph composition would be. rnWhen I was ill time was extremely important. Eating was highly regulated and regimented. rnTime passed very slowly. A body undernourished is always thinking about food and waiting for its next meal. Seconds, minutees, hours were prolonged.rnrnNow that I have recovered time is less important. This is why the clock face is obscured. rnrnNow I eat when I feel hungry. Time has also passed quickly as I am enjoying my life once again. My body is healthy and strong.rnI try not to think about the time that I spent being ill and try to look forward.rnThe keys represent my freedom from anorexia and regaining my life. rn

  • HOPE


    Because I want to be a good mum and give my daughter, hope the best in life that I can and for her to be happy and we can do things together and have a great mother daughter relationship.

  • I want to look out to an audience

    I want to look out to an audience

    I want to be an actress so badly. I cant because this keeps me away from what i love doing. I want to look out to an audience.

  • The Dancer

    The Dancer

    I couldn\’t live if someone told me that I couldn\’t dance, and now I realise that I need to be healthy to keep dancing, and so I can get better at it. Dancing means the world to me and I\’m not ready to lose it.

  • Me, Myself & Bump

    Me, Myself & Bump

    I have been battling with Anorexia and Bulimia since i was 16, i have been hospitalised too many times to count, i have gotten better, then gotten ill again and its been a never ending horrific nightmare since. But last year something changed and i vowed to get better for good, my little 11yr old sister was suffering as a result of seeing me so ill and destructive and fitting into her clothes frightened her. She distanced herself away from me as she believed i would die. I WAS going to get better not just for her and family and friends but for me. As i had lost my periods for so many years doctors and people feared if i didn\’t get better soon i would never get them back, and the idea of children is everything to me, it kept me strong. It was my motivation to get better and to stay better. So my picture is of my baby, its recovery in my eyes. I have over come so many demons and now i am lucky enough to be pregnant. I never thought this could be possible, and i am proud of myself for achieving so much. Bump might not have been planned but s/he is a miracle. And it is possible for ANYONE to recover. It\’s a very hard fight and can take a while to see the light but just believe, and never give up.

  • See things go places

    See things go places

    Me and one of my best friends (whom I met in hospital) saw the fireworks in London new year 2011. We had so much fun & forgot our problems.. just lived! I want to always have that feeling. I want to have a healthy mind and body so I can see and do things all over the world!

  • Moving Forward

    Moving Forward

    Mug, go outside “take a break and go outside” part of my day