Me, Myself & Bump


I have been battling with Anorexia and Bulimia since i was 16, i have been hospitalised too many times to count, i have gotten better, then gotten ill again and its been a never ending horrific nightmare since. But last year something changed and i vowed to get better for good, my little 11yr old sister was suffering as a result of seeing me so ill and destructive and fitting into her clothes frightened her. She distanced herself away from me as she believed i would die. I WAS going to get better not just for her and family and friends but for me. As i had lost my periods for so many years doctors and people feared if i didn\’t get better soon i would never get them back, and the idea of children is everything to me, it kept me strong. It was my motivation to get better and to stay better. So my picture is of my baby, its recovery in my eyes. I have over come so many demons and now i am lucky enough to be pregnant. I never thought this could be possible, and i am proud of myself for achieving so much. Bump might not have been planned but s/he is a miracle. And it is possible for ANYONE to recover. It\’s a very hard fight and can take a while to see the light but just believe, and never give up.