• Learning to love you more

    Learning to love you more

    My stomach is a part of my body that I have struggled to like over the years. I am learning to accept that it is a part of me, and to love it. Recovery is an on-going process and I will have days when I feel less positive, but I know what I’m working towards. I don’t think we see enough of natural un-airbrushed tummies around! You can also see my butterfly tattoo here, I got that to symbolise my recovery, growing my wings and metamorphosis.

  • Dream Coming True

    Dream Coming True

    Recovery would be like waking up from a bad dream to this beautiful one.

  • Senses


    Everything becomes brighter, clearer, and more enjoyable. Senses wake up and colours, smells, tastes, sounds and feelings are appreciated, no longer numbed, or an irritation causing anxiety. Life becomes full of the good stuff again, family, friends, hobbies, learning, loving, fun. Being able to appreciate everything around you allows that to happen.

  • To the Top

    To the Top

    The simple achievement of scaling Arthur’s Seat, which had been on my doorstep for my entire life, without feeling like my lungs were about to jump from my body and cause me to keel over embodied the sense that recovery had given me my life back. Actually better than that, it had allowed me to reclaim my life. 2010 I worked hard to achieve health and happiness. Now it’s 2012 and I have completed an honours degree, I’ve been blessed with a job in the field I love and trained in, and I’m still on a healthy track.

  • To have and hold

    To have and hold

    The rings in the picture are our wedding rings. When I was ill, there was no room for a relationship. Recovery means a new start, a new journey and a promise to someone who loves me – a marriage, not to Anorexia but to my husband.

  • My Road To Recovery

    My Road To Recovery

    Recovery seems like a simple idea at the beginning, but I’ve realised that this road can sometimes be terrifying. Nevertheless, being able to continue on this journey gives me not only one easier and closer step towards my dream, but also a better understanding of myself and those in a similar position. It allows me to see all the positives in the world and rise above the negatives – watching them wash away. It doesn’t mean being alone anymore, but being able to find people with acceptance and who truly want to understand; people to support me and to keep me strong through all the tough times.

  • Taking on the World

    Taking on the World

    When I was ill, I never saw my friends. In fact, I didn’t really have any. This is a picture of me and one of my closest friends partying away. I never went to parties before I became ill, but now I’m always at them, I’m rarely ever alone. I love being surrounded by people and with those who mean the world to me.