• Forward
  • Little victories
  • Perspective
  • HOPE
  • Forward


    It symbolises going forward in life, not being held back by what you came through and taking it as a life experience rather than failure

  • Little victories

    Little victories

    Recovery from an eating disorder is no a single challenge, its a series of daily hurdles that sometimes you will clear, and sometimes you will fall. However, the only thing that matters is that you pick yourself back up and move forwards the next day. rnrnSimilar to a hay bail recovery is painful to get a grips of and you will more than likely need a hand up. However, when you\’re at the view and life is back into perspective – it will be more than worth it. rnrnRecovery to me is when I can stand proud and tall with the knowledge that I have I beaten it. I am stronger than this.

  • Eat and Meat

    Eat and Meat

    I can finish a meal and not feel bad about my body (even with male models on the TV)

  • Mummy beautiful

    Mummy beautiful

    Been able to have the gift of a baby and finally carry full term and embrace the love I\’d always fighter for! Seeing the innocence in her eyes and realising there\’s so much to fight for.

  • Breakfast in Paris

    Breakfast in Paris

    This photo encapsulates the benefits of recovery for me. I am now able to travel the world, laugh with my friends, appreciate the beauty of life, and most importantly, enjoy delicious french pastries again.

  • One hop at a time!

    One hop at a time!

    My rabbit is inquisitive and full of life. Here he is emerging from the darkness to explore new things and new places. He does not fear new experiences. He makes me smile and laugh. This image inspires me not to be afraid, but to break out from the darkness of negative feelings and anorexic thoughts. I am responsible for his care and welfare and I must also ensure that I am responsible for my own as well.

  • Recovery is possible!

    Recovery is possible!

    I\’ve always wanted to make a positive difference in the world and by recovering from my eating disorder I am able to help other to do the same. I love cycling, something my eating disorder took away from me. Now I can enjoy the freedom of the open road and climb those hills I never had the energy to climb!

  • Loving yourself and Life

    Loving yourself and Life

    I suffered for four years from anorexia but I found this apple during my recovery and it seemed more than a coincidence that a heart was facing me, almost telling me that facing my fears and eating would allow me to love myself and life.

  • Perspective


    I almost submitted a picture of myself on top of the world, arms outstretched, freedom. But I don\’t think that is what recovery feels like, not all of the time. It\’s scary. It is intimidating and uncertain and sometimes you feel like you are about to fall right off the edge. Recovery is about challenging everything in yourself, about admitting that you\’re afraid and doing it anyway. Then suddenly,there will come a moment when you find yourself thinking \’Wow. The view is pretty epic from here.\’